Kenard Pak

Kenard Pak grew up in Baltimore and Howard County, Maryland. After studying at Syracuse University and California Institute of the Arts, he worked in feature animation and music videos. As a visual development artist, he's worked for Dreamworks, Walt Disney Feature Animation, PDI Dreamworks, and he currently works for Laika. His first illustrated picture book was published in 2014. His current picture book projects are self-penned as well as illustrated; the first book will publish in 2016. Kenard lives in San Francisco with his wife and three cats.

Watercolor, paper, pencil, ink, and digital

Starred Kirkus review (Have You Heard the Nesting Bird?)
100 Magnificent Children’s Books 2014 selection by NYPL’s Betsy Bird (Have You Heard the Nesting Bird?)

VISIT KENARD AT: www.pandagun.com


Have You Heard the Nesting Bird? (HMH, 2014)
The Dinner That Cooked Itself (Flying Eye, 2014)
Flowers are Calling (HMH, Spring 2015)
Hello, Autumn (Macmillan, Spring 2016)
When the World is Dreaming, (HMH, September 2016)
Hello, Atlas, (Wide Eyed Editions, November 2016)

The Fog (Tundra Books, Summer 2017)
Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter (Macmillan, Fall 2017)
Cat Wishes (HMH, Spring 2018)
Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring (Macmillan, Winter 19)
Ohana Means Family (Macmillan, Summer 19)
Because You’re Wonderful (Random House, Fall 19)
Maud and Grandmaud (Random House, Spring 20)
Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer (Macmillan, Spring 20)
Untitled (Macmillan, Fall 20)