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Mike Orodán

Mike—or Mihály Orodán—is originally from a small city in Hungary and is now based in London, UK. He grew up near a lovely forest where he spent his early years sketching the animals he met every day. He found himself running a small business in the age of 5. His little friends in kindergarten lined up for drawings of cartoon characters, in exchange for cookies. This hobby became a passion, and Mike has been doing professional creative work ever since his late teenage years. The path became even clearer once his adorable twin sons were born. Today, his art is influenced by his family—the cheeky toddlers, his loving wife, as well as their bunny. When he is not busy creating retro styled pictures, he is experimenting with other forms of creative media like woodwork or paper craft, mostly as bespoke gifts to his loved ones. Mike's first two books (the first books in his new PEEK-A-BABY! series) will be published by Chronicle.