Oamul Lu

Oamul (卤猫) is an illustrator and animator who was born—and still lives today—in China. His personal art depicts all that he sees, hears, and experiences in his daily life. In 2018 and 2019, Oamul illustrated his first two books for Francis Lincoln Books in the U.K. Dawn Casey's HELD IN LOVE is a mother's blessing, delivered in gentle, lilting rhyme, that expresses the love between parent and child. Simon Mole's KITES is the story of a boy who knows that, in his town, he needs a kite to fit it. But he doesn't have what he needs to make one. Also in 2019, Oamul illustrated Calvin Shaw's SNOWY FARM—a magical and lyrical fantasy about a family of farmers who live in a shimmering, frosty house in a snowy white world, where warmth of each other is all they need to be cozy and happy. Oamul's next book, AWESOME EARTH, was written by award-winning poet Joan Bransfield Graham. Clever, accessible and fun concrete poems tell of how our beautiful Earth slowly took shape. In recent years, in addition to making books for children, Oamul has designed stamps for the United Nations and collaborated with several international brands, including Apple, CHANEL, and Louis Vuitton.

Held in Love
Snowy Farm

The End of the Wild
Elsey Come Home
Denis Ever After


Feribo (Chronicle, season tbd)
Awesome Earth (HMH, season tbd)

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