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bonjour, voici donc le papier prÈvu et la photo, bon bouclage, Thierry 
NB merci de me renvoyer dans la foulÈe le PdF du PPDA paru ce jour

Olivier Tallec

Olivier Tallec was born in Brittany, France. Following his graduation from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré, he began working as a graphic designer. He has since devoted himself to illustration for presses (Elle, Le Monde, Libération) while illustrating more than one hundred books. Today, Olivier writes and illustrates in Paris.

This is a Poem That Heals Fish (Enchanted Lion, 2007)
Big Wolf and Little Wolf (Enchanted Lion, 2009)
Louis I, King of Sheep (Enchanted Lion, 2015)
Who What Where? series (Chronicle. 2015-2018)
This Book Will be Not Be Fun (Random House, 2017)
Jerome by Heart (Enchanted Lion, 2018)
How Rude! (Quarto, 2018)
Sealed with a Kiss (HarperCollins, Winter 2019)


Monkey & Cake 6-book series (Scholastic, 2019)
Five Minutes – (That’s a Lot of Time) (No, It’s Not) (Yes, It Is) (Penguin, Fall 2019)
Crow and Snow (Simon & Schuster, Fall 2020)
This Book Will Put You to Sleep (Macmillan, Winter 2021)